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A few member testimonial letters to community:

From Alexis
From Sandy


Who We Are

We are a community-partnership program where people whose lives have been drastically interrupted by a major mental illness come voluntarily to rebuild their lives.

  • This successful evidence-based model helps people with mental illnesses stay out of hospitals to achieve dreams goals of social, financial, educational, and vocational independence.

  • Person-Centered Acceptance, Dignity, Social Inclusion, Recovery

  • Meaningful work with stable, competitive employment

  • Community engagement

  • Reduces stigma and discrimination

  • Restorative environment emphasizing abilities & talents

  • Access to services, supports, housing

  • Meaningful relationships

  • Grounded in internationally-proven model

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Here is what a GOC member says...

“Managing to stay out of hospitals has been a remarkable accomplishment for me ever since my brain became sick in high school. I crashed through hospitals a few dozen times before I realized it was going to take a long time to get better and have a community support system for a successful life. It took three years for doctors to properly diagnose me as having a major mental illness— bipolar disorder in my case—but I am stable on my medications now in my 20s.

I couldn’t imagine ever getting a job, but luckily for me I discovered the work transition program called ‘Gainesville Opportunity Center’. ”
‒ Alexis, member of GOC

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Employer Partners
Area employers benefit from Gainesville Opportunity Center member employees.

Community Work Partnerships
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UF Intern Opportunities

Intern opportunities at GOC for University of Florida students. Read more . . .

The Gainesville Opportunity Center, Inc is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization
We are an affirmative action, equal opportunity employer committed to building a culturally diverse staff. Applications from women, minorities, individuals with disabilities and covered veterans are encouraged.
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